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           Institutional traders use advanced platforms, algorithmic systems, market data, risk management tools, compliance software, networking, and machine learning for better trading decisions. Custom tools may also be employed.

Order flow trading

    Order flow trading predicts price movements by analyzing buy and sell orders. Traders focus on the order book and use tools like volume profile and footprint charts. While popular in futures, forex, and equities, it requires technical expertise and understanding of market dynamics and risk management. Not suitable for all traders due to its complexity.

Market profile

         Market Profile, developed by J. Peter Steidlmayer, is a charting method analyzing price and time to predict future price movements based on buying and selling activity. Traders use vertical "time price opportunities" (TPOs) representing price ranges and volumes to identify support, resistance, value, and trends. However, successful market profile trading requires high technical expertise, experience, and a strong grasp of market dynamics and technical analysis.

Volume profile

     Volume Profile is a charting method using volume data to understand buying and selling activity in the market. It shows the volume distribution at different price levels, revealing support, resistance, and price importance. Traders use it to identify key levels, anticipate trends, and make informed decisions. However, volume profile trading demands technical expertise, experience, and a strong grasp of market dynamics, technical analysis, and risk management for success.

Option trading

Open interest and PCR (Put-Call Ratio) are crucial in option trading as they reveal market sentiment and trading activity levels.

Open Interest: It shows outstanding contracts, indicating liquidity and activity. Rising open interest suggests increased trading, while declining open interest signifies reduced activity.

PCR: This ratio gauges market sentiment by comparing put options to call options. A high PCR indicates a bearish sentiment, while a low PCR suggests a bullish sentiment.

Together, these indicators provide insights for potential trades and informed decisions. However, they should be used alongside other analyses for a comprehensive market view.

Point of Control

       The Point of Control (POC) in technical analysis identifies the price level with the most trading activity during a specific time period, reflecting market sentiment and supply-demand dynamics. It serves as a key support or resistance level, prompting reactions from buyers or sellers. Traders use it to identify profit-taking areas and set stop-loss orders. The POC is a historical measure that can change with new data, and traders often use it in conjunction with other indicators like volume profile and delta for a complete market analysis.

Algorithmic Programming for candlestick Patterns strategies

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